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"a ripping mix of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Folk, and Pop"


- Jasmine Reed

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Live Show Review

"The band has a constantly evolving sound that is electric and catchy. DDB came to Buta Pub with one goal in mind, to celebrate"

"The sizable crowd enjoyed every moment of DDB and was crowded around the stage dancing and having a good time."

- Joe,​


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City Newspaper


"Digging in deep to get all those hard-to-reach sub-genres, The Dave DiPrimo Band comes up with funky, bluesy, jazzy, folky rock and gives it an indie twist. And even though I accused it of being indie, the band is so much more as it doesn't specifically glom on to too many of those musical styles — that way it won't risk capsizing the boat. See 'em. They're one of the good ones"


-Frank De Blase

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"Reflections" Review- NYS Music 

"At a time when many of their college-age peers are churning out angsty pop punk, Dave DiPrimo and his bandmates are composing alternative folk songs featuring soulful saxophone riffs"


"Reflections is a contemporary yet traditional tapestry of Americana"

-Paula Cummings

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NYS Music - Song Premiere

"'Know You Best' is the first track on the new full-length LP. In this intensely emotional tale of longing for connection, pleading lyrics give way to bellowing vocals in the chorus. The song establishes the nostalgic tone that pervades the entire album."

-Paula Cummings

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"so much richer with a full backing band"

"Pulling on influences as varied as classic rock, soul, jazz, blues, punk, and even Latin music, they create original tunes that defy convention"

"DiPrimo was adept in the art of engaging the audience"

"Midway through the nostalgic “Glory Days,” the music swelled in joyous revelry"

​- Paula Cummings


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The Post - Interview with Dave

"DiPrimo, 20, became the youngest guest on the “Rochester Indie Musician Spotlight” web series in January 2017. His music reflects various genres, including pop, indie-folk rock, rhythm and blues and Latin. "

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Rochester Brainery - interview & Playlist

"Every song that I write starts as a simple folk song. Then I listen to a bunch of soul, rock, jazz, and alternative music, and I make the song more complicated. At that point, I show up to band practice, start playing and have the guys do what feels natural. What’s born of that is Dave DiPrimo Band, a celebration of all the musical genres we love, inflicted with our own personalities and tendencies. "

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